About Us

Hello everyone, and especially English-speaking students!

This section of our website has been created especially for you and we hope it will evolve with each day. For the beginning, we have some contact information for you, so you can get in touch with us easier. We deal with both everyday and unusual students’ issues, starting from legal cases, through PR, social issues, dorms, problems related to studying, finishing on sport, cultural events and finances. We want to approach your problems and try to keep up with your everyday issues at the University so that you will not feel left alone by your students’ union.

We have our Commissions designed to help all university students. Below please find the contact details for all the leaders of our commissions, as well as particular representatives. We are here for you and we want to keep in touch with you on daily basis, so please, contact us whenever you want:

Kamil Bonas – President of the Board – kamil.bonas@samorzad.uw.edu.pl

Aleksander Kozubowski – Commission of International Cooperation – Aleksander.kozubowski@samorzad.uw.edu.pl

Kamil Lebnicki – Commission of Didactics and Education Quality – kamil.lebnicki@samorzad.uw.edu.pl

Marcin Osiński – Legal Commission – marcin.osinski@samorzad.uw.edu.pl

Małgorzata Wasilewska – Social Commission – malgorzata.wasilewska@samorzad.uw.edu.pl

Marta Burzyńska – Commission of Promotion and Business Cooperation – Marta.burzynska@samorzad.uw.edu.pl

Jacek Cygan- Social Media Representative – jacek.cygan@samorzad.uw.edu.pl

Patrycja Żukowska – Commission of Finances – patrycja.zukowska@samorzad.uw.edu.pl

Klaudia Kowalczyk – Commission of Culture  klaudia.kowalczyk@samorzad.uw.edu.pl

Michał Zinowczyk – Commission of Sport – michal.zinowczyk@samorzad.uw.edu.pl

Zuzanna Kowalczyk – UW Here – zuzanna.kowalczyk@samorzad.uw.edu.pl

Paula Taraszkiewicz – Uniwerek TV – paula.taraszkiewicz@samorzad.uw.edu.pl

If u happen to have any problems, contact us and we will help you. Don’t hesitate to do the same if you have any ideas for interesting projects etc…