Cooperation with partners

The University of Warsaw Student Government represents over 42,500 students, including approximately 5,000 foreign students. We are present in many places in Warsaw. The University of Warsaw is not only Krakowskie Przedmieście, it is also the Służew Campus and the Ochota Campus and many other locations, both in Warsaw and around the world. We are also active in nationwide organizations, such as the Forum of Polish Universities, the Parliament of Students of the Republic of Poland, and international organizations (the 4EU + alliance).

Throughout the year, we implement many different projects, from charity actions, to cultural, sports and pro-health, promotional and commercial campaigns (more in the Projects tab). Our offer is very flexible and depends on your expectations, design and common goals. Over the years, we have earned the opinion of a stable partner worth cooperation. We hope that we will soon be able to prove it to you and together we will create something special for students of the University of Warsaw!

Feel free to contact us via the form or contact the chairman of the committee or the representative responsible for the area that interests you.

Do you want to establish cooperation? Contact us.