Ambassadors of the University of Warsaw

The Ambassadors of the University of Warsaw program consists of female and male students of almost all units at the University of Warsaw. The aim of the project is to promote the University of Warsaw among high school students. 

To become an Ambassador, you need to undergo a multi-stage recruitment process, consisting of sending an application form and an interview. The Ambassadors of the University of Warsaw are people who are open, like to talk to others, are proud of the fact that they study at the University of Warsaw, and above all, they have extensive knowledge about the University of Warsaw, studying and local government and like to share this knowledge! Each of the Ambassadors undergoes a series of trainings both in the field of information related to recruitment, self-presentation and many others. This program is becoming more and more popular every year – in 2020, as many as 200 people applied, of which less than 100 became Ambassadors.