BUW for Owls

 BUW for owls is an event organized periodically by the Board of the Students’ Self-Government of the University of Warsaw, as part of the preparation of students for examination session.

 Local government representatives accompany students at the University Library in Warsaw twice a year: before the winter and summer sessions. The student part of the project is traditionally held in the main hall of the University of Warsaw Library, at the entrance to the library. In this way, those willing can relax and take advantage of the attractions prepared for them, while others learn one floor above. 

BUW for owls has been organized by the library itself for many years and enjoys unflagging interest. During one day of the action, over several thousand students pass through this place. 

As part of BUW for Owls, together with our partners, we prepare a relaxation zone every semester, waiting for diligent students in the BUW hall. So far, our partners have been, among others: Bank BNP Paribas, IKEA, RTV Euro AGD SONY, FlixBus and Red Bull. The student zone is, above all, an opportunity to talk with representatives of the Self-government and many games and activities, and an opportunity to gain useful knowledge in the field of rights and obligations during the session.