Science is a woman

Science is a woman is an event whose first edition was held in April 2019. It was established to promote inspiring women associated with the University of Warsaw. This project is open to all groups that make up our community: female students, PhD students, graduates, research and administrative staff, and representatives of university authorities.

It is an unusual project because it has been divided into two parts: the one based on Instagram and the one based on discussion panels. Instagram activity is based on the publication of interviews with the heroines of the action as instastories. During the discussion panel, participants focus on discussing one of the important ones, from the perspective women, subjects. In 2019, the participants of the debate wondered what is more “profitable” for modern women: scientific or professional development. The first edition of the project was attended by: dr hab. Anna Giza-Poleszczuk, prof. student, Vice-Rector for Development, Dr. Anna Rosner, lecturer, Dr. Justyna Pokojska, lecturer, Monika Żochowska, founder of GLOV, Ewelina Niewińska – Marketing and Business Development Director, PwC Polska, founder of SKN im. Paulina Kuczalska-Reinchmit, Katarzyna Czajka-Kominiarczuk, author of the blog Animal Pop-culture, dr hab. Anna Jupowicz-Ginalska, lecturer, Dr. Magdalena Sobolewska-Bereza, Administrative Director of the Faculty of Biology, founders of the Be brave, stay save.