The Students’ Parliament of the Republic of Poland is the legal representative of all students in Poland.

First of all, the tasks of the PSRP include taking a position on issues related to the student environment – by issuing opinions on regulations or looking for system solutions that can realistically translate into how each of us studies. The current term of office will be devoted to supporting student Council in the process of implementing the new Act on Higher Education and Science at Universities. To this end, we undertake various activities, both by monitoring the proposed changes and organizing meetings or trainings devoted to this subject. Representing also means ongoing support for student Council in their activities in every respect, although due to changes in legal acts, we put emphasis on the possibility of consulting the study regulations or the regulations of the student Council. We are committed to being open to development activities for students, including those participating in student Council. For this reason, we will regularly engage in training projects developing hard and soft skills that are useful in everyday life. One of such projects is the National Conference of the Students’ Parliament of the Republic of Poland.

Each student can report to the Student Ombudsman, who can directly represent him / her in individual matters at the university – therefore we also promote student rights and the institution of the Student Ombudsman itself. Based on the problems reported to the Ombudsman, in consultation with student council, we strive for appropriate legal changes at universities, so that students really have their rights guaranteed.

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