Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is a controlling authority of the Students’ Council of the University of Warsaw, which controls legality, economy, reliability, activity and purposefulness. It is made up of 5 people elected by Parliament.

The committee has the right to control: the President of Board, the Management Board, the President of Board of the Administration Board Committees, the President of Board Plenipotentiaries and the Administration Board’s Plenipotentiaries, the Election Committee, the Presidium and other local Council authorities. The competences of the Audit Committee also include, among others: applying for granting discharge to the Administration Board, considering election protests, determining the pattern of election protest form; formulating and submitting post-inspection recommendations to the inspected authority

The President of Board of the Audit Committee reports to Parliament: on the annual activity (by November 12), supplement to the report (by January 20) and an interim report by April 14.