University of Warsaw Students' Parliament

The Students ‚Parliament of the University of Warsaw is one of the collective authority of the Students’ Council of the University of Warsaw and is the highest legislative body. The work of the Parliament is managed by the Marshal together with the presidium, these persons are elected from among the members of the Parliament by an absolute majority of votes.

Passive voting rights to the Parliament are granted to students as part of their lead unit. The Parliament consists of deputies elected in general elections held by the Electoral Commission and parliamentarians, i.e. Presidents and Presidents or persons delegated to Parliament by the Student Council.

Parliament’s tasks include: adopting the Rules of Procedure and amending it; expressing consent to the content of the Study Regulations at the University of Warsaw; settling competence disputes between local government bodies; election of the Speaker and Deputy Speakers of Parliament; election of the President of Board; approving the composition of the Administration Board; discharging the President of Board, the Administration Board; election of members of the Audit Committee, Election Committee, Appeal Court; election of student senators; election of student representatives at the Electoral College; selection of candidates for the disciplinary committees referred to in the Act and the Statute; selection of candidates for the University Senate committee; selecting candidates for the University Electoral Commission and repealing legal acts issued by local government bodies that are inconsistent with the law, in particular the Statute, the Regulations of Studies at the University of Warsaw or the Regulations; supervision over the activities of council authorities whose members are elected by Parliament, and the members of these authorities.