President of the Board

The President of the UW Students Council is a one-man executive body of the Council elected by the UW Students’ Parliament by an absolute majority of votes. The President is elected for a 2-year term.

The President manages the work of the UW Student Council Board and, among others, represents the interests of students, in particular before the University authorities, and represents the Council in matters related to its activities. Issues ordinances; approves the Student Council budget after the Parliament has issued an opinion on the draft Student Council budget; manages the implementation of the local government budget; manages the finances and premises of the local government; has material resources of the Student Council at the University level; convenes the first meeting of the Main Council of Residents Councils during the term of office; appoints and dismisses the representatives of the President; appoints and dismisses Commissioners; grants and revokes the power of attorney. may impose on the Council the obligation of temporary or permanent delegation of students to collective bodies of the Student Council.

Aleksander Hebda

The President of the UW Students' Union