Didactic F&Q

Dear Colleagues,

below we present an explanation of the problems related to studies and teaching that you most often address to members of student government bodies. We have made every effort to ensure that they are as up-to-date and useful as possible for you. If any issues remain unclear or have not been included in the following study – please contact us – justyna.smolen@samorzad.uw.edu.pl

We remain at your disposal and offer assistance in solving any problems relating to studying.

With student greeting,
Justyna Smoleń
President of the Commission of Didactics and Education Quality


Connections and applications

ECTS points

Conditions, repeating stages (year, semester)

Fees for studies

Removal from the list of students and resumption of studies

Leave from classes

Passing a semester/year of studies or a course, examinations

Individual organisation of studies


Resignation from obtaining credit for a course

Completion of studies