MOST Programme (National exchange)


Erasmus+ Programme (trips abroad for partial studies and internships)

Direct cooperation agreements

Eligibility for such trips is through a competition and varies depending on the partner university. Scholarship applications are examined by the Rector’s Committee for the evaluation of scholarship applications. Dates of scholarship trips, required documents and other details regarding recruitment are specified by the partner university.

  • direct cooperation agreements – the University has signed over 300 agreements with European, Asian, American and African universities
  • mobility of students for foreign partial studies under bilateral agreements – forms
  • mobility of students for summer language courses under bilateral agreements – forms
  • list of partner universities
  • a list of contract coordinators


Government scholarships

  • The National Agency for Academic Exchange – information on exit and incoming programs


Research scholarships

  • research programs in the European Union – list of competitions with information


Travel search offers 

  • Research and educational mobility at the University of Warsaw – a search engine for mobility offers for research and teaching staff and students who want to use programs supported by university offices: International Cooperation, Development Support and Research Service