Psychological Support

The Psychological Counselling Centre of The University of Warsaw

The Centre is a psychological first aid point for students, doctoral students and staff of the University. It is a joint initiative of the Department of Psychology and the Office for People with Disabilities, supported by Ms Jolanta Choińska-Mika, Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs. The creation of the UW CPP stems from the ever-growing concern of the university authorities about the mental health of the UW community. The head of the centre is Dr SzymonChrząstowski – a psychotherapist with extensive experience and a multi-sided view on mental health issues.

CPP services rely on psychological counseling, not therapy. Those who sign up for CPP receive short-term support and an indication of where they should get further help. Consultations shall be in the form of individual meetings. Everyone is entitled to three such meetings per semester.

The Psychological Counselling Centre of The University of Warsaw


7 Pasteura Street

02-093 Warsaw


working hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm

Office for People with Disabilities

University of Warsaw students can take advantage of free psychiatric consultations. The purpose of the meetings is to determine the scope of support during studies. The university doctor does not provide treatment and does not prescribe medications.

Office for persons with disabilities


55 Dobra Street

00-312 Warsaw

Room 0.070 – Ground floor


tel.: 22 55 24 222