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Remote language certification exams

We already know that the foreign language certification exams in the winter session 20/21 will be carried out remotely - both the oral and the written part - unlike in the previous session. It will ...

Student Council

The position of the Board of the Students' Union of the University of Warsaw on the current situation in the country.

We believe that dialogue is the best form of communication. We understand and share the emotions that many of you are having now. We consider it wrong to change the compromise worked out when many ...

Student cases


Between October 26 and November 14 elections are held in all university units. Representatives to the Students' Union Council, the Students' Parliament, Council of the Unit and the Council of ...


About us

Hello everyone, and especially English -speaking students!

This section of our website has been created especially for you and we hope it will evolve with each day.

We deal with both everyday and unusual students’ issues, starting from legal cases, through PR, social issues, dorms, problems related to studying, finishing on sport, cultural events and finances.

We want to approach your problems and try to keep up with your everyday issues at the University so that you will not feel left alone by your students’ union.