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Welcome to the official website of the University of Warsaw Students' Council.

Here you can find all of the important information about our activities.



Samorząd - to działa! Rekrutacja do Komisji ZSS UW 2022/2023

University is more than just studying... Recruitment drive to Commissions of the Students' Union starts now! Join us, it's really worth it!


University of Warsaw's 2022 Grand Welcome Party!

It's time for a explosive start of the academic year! On October 15, we are inviting you to the University of Warsaw's 2022 Grand Opening Party! You can be sure that this event will stay in your ...


Academic Planner UW 2022/23!

Academic Planners 2022/23 are already waiting for you! If you're looking for something to help you organize your student life and find time for all your activities, this Planner is for you!


About us

Hello everyone, and especially English speaking students!

This section of our website has been created especially for you and we hope it will evolve with each day.

We deal with both everyday and unusual students’ issues, starting from legal cases, through PR, social issues, dorms, problems related to studying, finishing on sport, cultural events and finances.

We want to approach your problems and try to keep up with your everyday issues at the University so that you will not feel left alone by your students’ union.