Rector’s scholarship

Rector’s scholarship is an award for outstanding educational, scientific, sport or artistic achievements. All UW students can apply for this scholarship.


If you are a first year student, and you were admitted to studies in the same year in which you passed matura exam (final high school exam), you may apply for the scholarship if:

  • you are a laureate of an international contest or
  • you are a laureate/ finalist of a contest on the national level;
  • you are a medallist in at least one sporting competition for the title of Champion of Poland.


As a senior year student, you can apply for this scholarship based on average, achievement in the arts, science or sports fields.  


A maximum of 10% of students in a field of study may receive the scholarship for a maximum of 9 months. In order to apply for a rector’s scholarship, an application must be made. Scholarship rates and thresholds are set anew each academic year – it is worth keeping in mind if you plan to compare your scholarship chances.  


You can’t get a rector’s scholarship if:

  • you already have a master’s degree or equivalent
  • you have completed your first degree and you are applying for a scholarship also in your first    degree, e.g. you have completed your first degree in administration and you are currently studying for your first degree in sociology
  • where more than 12 months have elapsed from the day you graduated from a first degree to the day you started a second degree – this rule applies only to students and students 1. references
  • study for more than 6 years in total (all studies are taken into account whether they have been completed or not)
  • by repeating the year
  • resuming your studies after being delisted due to failing the year
  • you are not enrolled for another year of study (e.g. if you return from a dean’s leave, or if you finish your last year and extend your studies in order to complete your thesis).


More information can be found here: in the benefits regulations(